The ‘Claw shirts are selected for their comfort and durability, from the finest US manufacturers with designs inspired by epic moments in the timeless film.

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Scarlet Skidder

The Garrett Skidder was a legendary beast of diesel-powered infamy which transformed the logging industry - born in the hills of Enumclaw and featured in The ‘Claw movie. There’s no shame in wearing the Scarlet Skidder.

American Skidder

Born in Enumclaw, U.S. of A. American Skidder shows the world you bleed red, white, blue, and hydraulic oil.

Freedom Fighters

A Honda Trail 90 and a dream. What more do you need? A killer ‘Claw t-shirt, that’s what!

Movie Poster Art

Inspired by the movie poster in honor of all things ‘Claw!

The Golden Skidder

If there was such a film industry award, surely The ‘Claw would win The Golden Skidder.

The Golden Skidder

Set some chokers and celebrate your Enumclaw High spirit in this classic combination of Hornet Maroon & Gold!

The ‘Claw Gear is printed in the USA, made to order just for you. You can get a cheaper t-shirt from the big box store or Dr. Evil’s robot army, but why would you? They’ll never have these exclusive ‘Claw designs, created by ‘Claw diehards, inspired by the timeless movie.

And of course, all our gear is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. All proceeds from your ‘Claw Gear purchase will fund the many amazing musicians who contributed to this project.